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About Blue Forge Records

While Blue Forge Press (books and comics) and Blue Forge Gaming (card games, role-playing games and computer games) were launched in 1989, Blue Forge Records was launched in 2011 alongside Blue Forge Films. Initially, Blue Forge Records exclusively existed to produce the soundtrack companions to our films and shows but then founder Jennifer DiMarco took the leap and produced her own albums of harp music. 

When that first album of new music did well, Blue Forge Records followed it with three more harp collections and an EDM (electronic dance music) album. Finally in 2019, we opened our doors to emerging musicians and began signing a wide-range of music. As a traditional label with a twist (we're a nonprofit, after all) we don't allow our musicians to pay for venues or manufacturing costs. As a matter of fact, unless they want their own stock to sell on their own, musicians pay nothing for the concerts we host, the deluxe and basic albums we produce, the music videos we develop or anything else. 

To learn more about working with us, read our Guidelines or find out more about our parent company below.

About Blue Legacy

Founded in 1989, Blue Legacy began with just two divisions -- Blue Forge Press and Blue Forge Gaming. But under the guidance of married couple Jennifer and Brianne DiMarco and their children, Maxwell and Faith, the company grew to include Blue Forge Films and Blue Forge Records in 2011. All four divisions share the same goals: To bring light to the shadows and voice to the silence by empowering storytellers from all walks of life and making storytelling platforms and mediums accessible.

With a focus on education and breaking stereotypes, the DiMarcos pioneered the way publishers, record labels and studios work with their artisans and how books, films, games, and albums are made and marketed. While refusing to become a vanity company (where creators pay for publication or distribution), Blue Legacy maintains its integrity, quality and mission by remaining a traditional studio with a noncommercial twist:

Though always a Washington State registered charity and not-for-profit entity with the highest levels of transparency, in May 2019, Blue Legacy became a federal 501(c)3 nonprofit. Their revolving Board of Directors allows their creative partners to have a voice in all major company decisions and their continued dedication to creating an inclusive, supportive community has never been stronger.


Dedicated websites for each of our divisions, showcasing our 1000+ films and shows, and dozens of our books, games and albums are being created. Find out more at www.mybluelegacy.org

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